My Heart Says

11.18.06 (12:49 pm)   [edit]
Many of us have freinds that we have that are just that. Our Freinds. Then There are those of us like myself who are fortunate enough to have soul mates. Those friends who we instanly connected with and have stayed freinds for a long time. I have such a freind and I would like to take time to pay tribute to her. Her name is jaya. We have been freinds for 7 years now. we first met in our collage year of graduation. Ever since then we have been together. There are those that say we should go out but for reasons that are known only to her and I that cannot be possible, but does that mean I love her any less or that she love me any less? No. If anything over the years our love for eachother has grown. She makes me laugh and when I call her my soul mate it is true because her soul is exactaly like mine. She has the same crude sence of humor. I know one day she fall n love and get married with me and i will be so happy for her. Words cannot describe how proud I am of her and how I admire her courage. Going to college and graduating is something I have not been able to do nor do I think I could do. I have written this for her. I want her to know how proud I am of her and how much I love her and how honored and Humbled I am by her and the fact that she chose me to be with her. You have stood by me though thick and thin. You have supported me in my decisions when everyone else didnt. You have shown me kindness and love and understanding. I love you now more than ever My Darling and I promise to keep on loving you until I no longer have any life in my body. I love you my Darling, Viveks